Cosmetic Dentistry

Our practice offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options to provide each patient with individual dental care to achieve our goal of improving or maintaining the appearance of your smile.

Non-Metal Fillings

When you smile or speak, do you reveal a mouth full of silver fillings

Composites if placed with exacting technique (rubber dam isolation and modern bonding agents) get as close as we have ever been able to restore the tooth to its original strength in the most conservative fashion. The composites are a very hard "plastic" that bonds (micromechanically fuse) to the tooth to hold the tooth together. Amalgams have multiple disadvantages. Amalgam is a metal which expands and contracts with hot, cold and biting. Therefore, with every meal the teeth are being weakened and over time and depending on the size of the filling the tooth becomes susceptible to fracturing. Amalgam also contains mercury which is a very toxic element. The literature is very unclear as to the amount of mercury that is released from amalgams and the long-term effects on the entire body.

Sports Mouthguard

Energy-Booster and Vital Key for the success of Athletes

In approximately 90% of the population, the lower jaw is not in its optimal, most comfortable position; this causes pain and muscle tension in the jaw and the area that surrounds the jaw. An orthopedic jaw appliance has been designed based on the science of neuromuscular dentistry and is called the Sports Mouthguard.

Athletes are especially benefiting from the SPORTS MOUTHGUARD because by holding the jaw in its optimal position, the SPORTS MOUTHGUARD results in improved vertebrae alignment, better balance, increased upper body strength, and fewer injuries. This appliance is custom designed and fitted for each athlete based on his or her own individual muscle physiology. Both professionals and amateurs, or anyone that is serious about their sports performance can benefit from the strength and endurance improvement that the appliance provides.
There are two versions of Sports Mouthguard. Dr Apreutesei creates an appliance designed for non-impact sports like football (soccer), golf, baseball, and weight lifting that is worn on the lower jaw. This device is also used while training for impact sports, because it is less cumbersome than the upper appliance SPORTS MOUTHGUARD.

The second type of appliance, worn on the upper Jaw, is designed for impact sports like hockey, American football, handball, and the martial arts, and protects against impact trauma to the teeth and concussion injuries.While protecting your teeth and jaw, it is also designed to hold your jaw in its most relaxed and comfortable position, allowing your upper torso muscles to work at their maximum potential resulting in increases in range of motion, flexibility, and strength.

What is the SPORTS MOUTHGUARD concept?

The Sports Mouthguard helps to properly align the facial muscles, improving muscle recruitment and vertebrae alignment. If your jaw and neck muscles are not strained from a poor jaw position, your upper cervical muscles are free to work much more efficiently and to their fullest potential. Simply put, the SPORTS MOUTHGUARD results in improved strength, flexibility, and balance and is helping athletes maximize their performance all over the world.

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